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Physician Groups

We help Physician Groups improve quality of care by virtually supplementing their services to increase coverage and decrease the need for ER visits

Increased Care Coverage

With MedKitDoc, physicians can easily respond to patient needs between regularly scheduled visits entirely remotely without sacrificing care quality

Reduced Need For ER Visits

By supplementing regular on-site care when patients need it most, MedKitDoc improves patient outcomes and reduces the need for ER visits

Improved Efficiency

MedKitDoc's platform empowers physicians to eliminate many of the operational and scheduling difficulties so they can focus on helping patients

How it works

MedKitDoc empowers physicians to manage patient health issues remotely. Facility caregivers can assist patients in connecting remotely with the physician as needed. Our integrated devices facilitate real-time transmission of essential diagnostic data, providing the care quality of a physical examination entirely remotely.

Want Efficient, Superior Care Scaled Across Your Organization?

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Learn How We Reduced Hospitalizations by 25%!

Click the picture on the left to read our white paper where we deep dive on our partnership with the biggest health insurance company in Germany which resulted in an over 25% reduction of unnecessary hospitalizations. This improved patient outcomes, drove massive cost savings, and all while delivering superior care with MedKitDoc!

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