Video consultation rethought. Examine and consult - as if you were on site.

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Use the MedKitDoc system as a novel way of video telemedicine! With the help of the MedKitDoc App and certified medical devices, you can provide patients with more comprehensive advice and take remote consultation to a new level. Start now into the era of telemedicine 2.0!

MedKitDoc for Physicians in Private Practice

Do you have your own practice but would like to offer your patients an enhanced service, drive digitization in health care or use your existing capacities more effectively?

Then contact us now and become part of our MedKitDoc network.

Fewer trips to the patient

Effective use of capacities

Avoidance of unplanned interruptions

MedKitDoc for Freelance Doctors

As a doctor, do you want to help more people and enable patients in underserved regions to receive regular consultations, without foregoing the physical examination?

Become part of our network of doctors and use the extended video consultation hours as a flexible and attractive additional income.

Flexible working hours, unbound by location

Comprehensive, innovative patient care


Minimal administrative effort

Telemedicine 2.0 in Use by Physicians

1. Sign up and download the app

Sign up with us through Customer Support and then download the MedKitDoc App from the App Store or Google Play Store to register for the first time using the credentials provided.

2. Appointment management

After accepting an appointment request, you can set the exact time for the consultation and thus, efficiently fill your working day.

3. Carry out the consultation

Through our previous training, you are well prepared to guide the patient through the consultation and explain the correct use of the medical devices. During the appointment, the patient’s data is automatically transferred to your smartphone or tablet, and you can make data-based diagnoses.

4. Documentation

At the end of the consultation, the app will ask you to fill out a doctor’s letter and provide it to the patient. For follow-up consultations, you can access it easily and quickly at any time.

Already a Member of our Network?
You can Access your Training Material here

Range of Services and Costs

Technical equipment

You will have access to the MedKitDoc App, and we will equip you with a webcam or tablet upon request - feel free to ask for more information via our contact form.

Digital training

Our training team will train you optimally before your first consultation so that you can successfully perform remote consultations with and without MedKit. Already a member of our network? You can access your training material here.

Comprehensive customer service

We are available for you - during consultation for technical difficulties or after the appointment for administrative questions.

Disover our individual pricing models now.

Your Trustworthy Partner for Telemedicine

High class certified

MedKitDoc meets the highest German safety standards and is certified as a Class 1 MDD medical device. In addition, MedKitDoc is a KBV-certified video consultation provider (Anlage 31b, BMV).

Multiple awards

As a winner of the EIT Health Start-Up Awards, MedKitDoc was recognized as one of the most promising European Health Start-Ups already in its initial phase. This was later confirmed by Telekom’s Techboost Start-Up Program and with the first place of the “Top 10 eHealth startups to watch in Germany”.

The best partners in the industry

By working with trusted partners, MedKitDoc connects health care industry experts and provides a unique patient experience.

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