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MedKitDoc helps to reduce ED visits and to deliver high quality care in home and care settings


Deployed with AOK Nordost

TÜV-zertifizierte Videosprechstunde

Certified video consultation

DSGVO konforme Datenbehandlung

DSGVO compliant data handling

Versichert durch Allianz

Insured by Allianz

CE zertifiziertes Medizingerät Klasse 1

MedKitDoc Engine is a MDD certified medical device

US hospitals have approximately 4 million uncompensated readmissions each year


Through timely remote intervention, MedKitDoc helps to keep patients healthy at home or in their care facilities. Thus we can reduce readmission by 25%. Read our success story now.

In Care Facilities

Improve quality of clinical assessment for patients & fill in-person care gaps caused by staffing shortages, especially in rural areas. Help SNFs reduce ED visits & preserve revenue by reducing open bed days.

“With MedKitDoc, we can provide access to our specialists for our clients at any time, closing the gap between on-site visits and the telephone. This improves the quality of care for our clients, supports our on-site caregivers, and sustainably reduces hospital admissions.”

Jan Grineisen, Digitization Lead DF

At Home

Add a new dimension to phone-based triage & follow ups allowing insight into the real clinical condition of high-risk patients at home beyond visual.

“The regular measurements and video consultations give me and my family peace of mind that my chronic heart disease is not getting worse.”

Robert Downey, Patient

Why MedKitDoc?


Increased diagnostic & treatment capabilities

Device-based remote treatments double the diagnosis & treatment options compared to a regular video consultation.


Simple & comprehensive health monitoring

By regularly measuring key health data, diseases can be detected and treated at an early stage.


Certified & FDA-compliant remote treatment

Our MedKitDoc solution is certified and subject to the highest data protection standards, ensuring maximum confidentiality.

MedKitDoc is known from:

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