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Remote Medical Examination Without Compromises

MedKitDoc’s combination of connected medical devices, health app & certified video consultations provides effective help for those in need of care and those with chronic conditions.


Deployed with AOK Nordost

TÜV-zertifizierte Videosprechstunde

Certified video consultation

DSGVO konforme Datenbehandlung

DSGVO compliant data handling

Versichert durch Allianz

Insured by Allianz

CE zertifiziertes Medizingerät Klasse 1

MedKitDoc Engine is a MDD certified medical device

Who We Help Deliver Superior Care

Care Agencies

With MedKitDoc, Home Care agencies can reduce open bed days by preventing hospitalizations and increase billable hours by enabling new medical services at home. 

Health Agencies

With MedKitDoc, Home Health agencies can quickly access PCPs when patients need it most, improving health outcomes and operational efficiency. 

Assisted Living Facilities

With MedKitDoc, Assisted Living Facilities can keep their residents in the appropriate level of care, thereby reducing churn & transitions to skilled facilities. 

Physician Groups

With MedKitDoc, Mobile Physician groups can improve quality of care by virtually supplementing their services to increase coverage and decrease ER visits. 

Accountable Care Organizations

With MedKitDoc, Accountable Care Organizations can provide scaled, quality care to reach more patients profitably while reducing financial risk. 

How MedKitDoc Works

Connected Medical Devices

The MedKit consists of certified, networked medical devices for measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, ECG and for listening to the heart & lungs.

Health App

The measured health data of the medical devices are automatically transferred to the MedKitDoc app and stored there in compliance with data protection regulations.

Certified Video Consultation

Our device-supported video consultations enable the doctor to provide comprehensive medical remote treatment and increase the treatment and consultation options.

Why MedKitDoc?

MedKitDoc’s innovative device-enabled telemedicine solutions empower you to deliver superior care to more patients profitably while reducing unnecessary hospitalizations by 25%!

24/7 Access to Leading Physicians of All Specialities

We partner with the best physicians of all specialities to deliver accessible, quality care via our award-winning device-enabled telemedicine platform

Affordable Medical Devices Usable Across Multiple Patients

Our diagnostic devices are intuitive to use, connect seamlessly to our telemedicine platform, and can be leveraged across multiple patients

Scalable Care Without Qualified Staff On-Site

Device-based remote treatments double the diagnosis & treatment options compared to a regular video consultation all without requiring certified staff at the point of care

Meet Our Team of Doctors

Dr. Benjamin Gutermann

General Medicine & Emergency Medicine

Dr. med. Friederike Posnien

Dr. Friederike Posnien

Internal medicine

Manuel Paul

Manuel Paul

Internal Medicine & Nephrology

Do You Have Questions About MedKitDoc?

Check out some of most frequently asked questions listed below! If you don’t find what you are looking for, please reach out to us at

We have the following FDA approved and are always able to integrate more specialized devices for specific use cases if valuable!

• Digital Stethoscope for live auscultation of heart and lung sounds

• Digital Blood pressure monitor

• Multifunctional device to measure temperature, blood oxygen and ECG

We collaborate with a number of physician and RN provider groups, all of whom are fully licensed and trained in the use of the MedKitDoc platform and its devices.

During the onboarding process, our clinicians are paired with your caregivers and patients. With a simple addition to an agency’s standard plan of care document, our licensed partner physician groups can be listed and authorized to issue new orders for skilled clinical interventions.

We can also enable clinicians within your organisation to care for your patients via the MedKitDoc platform, if you prefer.

No, MedKitDoc isn’t a Remote Patient Monitoring Solution. While our product offering does include medical devices, our emphasis isn’t on asynchronous monitoring. Instead, we concentrate on real-time examinations conducted with a virtual clinician for efficient triage and treatment.

Why? Because without a doctor’s guidance, we can’t ensure the devices are used correctly or that the health data gathered is accurate. By including a medical professional in the call, we guarantee that every piece of medical data collected accurately represents the patient’s current health status.

We typically charge a monthly fee for access to our platform, with variable costs depending on the type and quantity of medical devices you need to optimally manage your patient population. The final pricing also depends on various factors, such as whether you provide your own medical professionals or prefer to use our virtual clinical team. We are more than happy to collaborate on a tailored proposal.

We’re able to integrate with any EHR software your organization utilizes. Simply inform us of the solution you’re using during onboarding, and our product team will ensure a seamless integration.

Yes, all exam data captured, stored, and transmitted is done so on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

We take the privacy of our users and patients very seriously. See our privacy policy for further details.

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