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MedKitDoc - Certified medical product

By combining our app with the certified medical devices, physical health data can be measured and transmitted in addition to the visual and auditory consultation. Afterwards, the doctor can evaluate the data and make well-founded remote diagnoses.

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Our MedKit contains certified medical devices selected and tested by specialists. These have been selected according to the frequency of use during GP treatments. This means that a large proportion of the most common causes of consultations can be treated in the course of a video consultation. Would you like to learn more about the medical devices in the MedKit? Then click here.

In order to use all the functions of the MedKit, the MedKitDoc app is also required. This can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store or the Google Play Store. When the video consultation is performed, the devices automatically connect to the app via Bluetooth. The measured vital data is also transferred between the patient and the doctor via the app as part of the treatment.

If you do not have a mobile device at hand to use the MedKitDoc app, please feel free to let us know. We will be happy to offer you an additional tablet with the MedKitDoc app preinstalled.

CE zertifiziertes Medizingerät Klasse 1

CE certified medical product

KBV certified video consultation

Customer Reviews

"I was positively surprised by how accurate the diagnoses were […] Using the app and devices was very easy after a short briefing"
Akute Pflege
“A perfect purchase for the whole family, if you want to save the costly trips to the doctor during your everyday life.“
“The remote consultation and diagnosis by MedKitDoc was more precise than any other medical examination I have ever received. “

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